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The City of Leipzig is captivating due to its Gründerzeit heritage and its multifaceted cultural offerings. At the same time, the metropolis is young, dynamic and the fastest growing city in Germany. It is a traditional trade fair location and university city that is influenced by outstanding musical and cultural offerings.

Leipzig New Lakeland stretches northward and southward of the city into the rural districts of Leipzig and northern Saxony. Up-and-coming cities in and around the Lakeland are, among others, Borna, Markkleeberg and Zwenkau. The most well-known lakes are Cospudener See, Markkleeberger See, Kulkwitzer See, Schladitzer See, Hainer See and Störmthaler See. These newly resulting navigable lakes which are linked to each other as well as the surrounding rivers and canals offer a connection to the approximately 6,500 km2-large central German aquatic landscape.

The total water surface of Leipzig New Lakeland currently amounts to about 86 km2. By 2030 it will reach a surface of almost 100 km2 due to the further flooding of former open-cast mine areas. In addition to a plethora of restaurants, the already established offerings include, among others, Belantis amusement park, the Kanupark at Markkleeberger See, diving and surfing schools, wakeboarding at Kulkwitzer See, canoe and motorboat rentals, multiple campgrounds and holiday house providers, as well as a sport and beach resort at Schladitzer See.

The diverse profiles and various development levels of the individual lakes offer interested investors versatile project possibilities. The water touristic utilisation concept provides an overview of the planned developments. Moreover, our databank contains detailed information concerning the development, location and usage of the individual lakes.

Highly dynamic touristic development

With a gross revenue of more than 2 billion Euros and an employment effect of approximately 63,600 jobs in 2016, tourism is already an important industry for the City and Region of Leipzig, and this is an upward trend. The majority of visitors are one-day visitors who especially appreciate the connection of water touristic offerings, nature, city and culture. This combination represents the strength and singularity of the region and makes every visit a special experience.

The number of accommodation providers in the Region of Leipzig has increased by 40% since 2006. There are currently about 30,000 beds in the approximately 300 hotels, guesthouses, holiday houses, holiday flats and campgrounds. The number of overnight stays has developed above average in comparison with the rest of Germany: in 2015 about 5.6 million overnight stays were booked in the entire Region of Leipzig.

Short distances, perfect accessibility

The City of Leipzig has developed into a blossoming commercial metropolis at the intersection of two historic trade routes, Via Regia and Via Imperii, whose traditions are still noticeably alive today. With approximately 1.7 million inhabitants within a vicinity of 30 kilometres, Leipzig is the centre and unspoken capital of central Germany.

Thanks to Leipzig/Halle international airport, the motorways A9, A14, A38 and A72 which are free of traffic jams, as well as connections to multiple Deutsche Bahn InterCity Express routes, the Region of Leipzig and Leipzig New Lakeland can be optimally reached by travellers from near and far.

A-roads with two lanes as well as a tight network of urban railways connect the city and its surrounding countryside. By car, you can reach Zwenkauer See in the south and Schladitzer See in the north of Leipzig within about 40 minutes. Berlin and its approximately 3.5 million inhabitants is only about an hour away by train. Starting in December 2017, Munich, the capital of affluent Bavaria, can be reached by the InterCity Express train within a little more than 3 hours.

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